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A good day

"Studio 2" (Probably the only studio anywhere with a built in bbq in the corner)

When the weather is good, 'studio 2' is the place to be, even when recording overdub acoustic. Bring out a mic and you have a vocal with a hint of summer breeze*, distant cooing of pigeons and the occasional clockwork burst from a pheasant. With a view that takes in the Taw at Chivenor across to the estuary, and in the other direction open fields and rolling hills, its the perfect work station. Of course, this is just a few days each year when it isn't too wet, too windy or just too far below fourteen degrees for comfort.

This week, many good days - not least having a brace of Accidental Roosters on the deck all afternoon... Rachel Harding capturing this snap of the sound man** hard at work while Rolo (in summer Lemmie gear) looks on. Then an evening of tracking Rebecca Balzani Barrow adding violin to a project with the live room door open to the evening breeze as the sun set behind.

It's been a good week altogether - the swallows (who live at the other end of the barn to the studio) have had a bumper fledge and swallow babes are playing 'beggars canyon' up and down the patio, investigating the garage, living room and anywhere else with an open door (at time of writing I have just shooed two out of the bedroom). I even got some weeding done.

Sessions are happening, which is great. I like to see bodies of work building up gradually, a piece at a time. Especially now, with such a changing business landscape for musicians. This week had a highlight, one of many, with an arrangement in the sunshine of Gillian Welch's 'Everything is Free'...

"Everything is free now, That's what they say, Everything I ever done, Gotta give it away.
Someone hit the big score - They figured it out - That we're gonna do it anyway...
Even if doesn't pay".


"Every day I wake up Hummin' a song But I don't need to run around I just stay home

And sing a little love song My love, to myself If there's something that you want to hear You can sing it yourself"

As long as there's days like this... and folk making music, I'm good.

* "...makes me feel fine, Blowin' though the jasmine in my mind...

** aka The (un)Sound Engineer...

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