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Theia: A Big Splash

Where Do Songs Come From? (Part Two)

Sometimes a thought arrives, seemingly from nowhere in particular, and I awoke to one such. Water is one of life's essentials, where does it come from? Beyond taps and designer bottles, where did it come from back when the earth formed? Creationists, this is maybe not the blog for you. I understand the gradual cooling of the earth allowing escaping water vapour - hydrogen and oxygen molecules - to condense and fall as rain (constantly, and for thousands of years) but searches for other worlds with Earth type conditions are coming up a little short. Enter hypothesis two which is that 'the late heavy bombardment' of the young Earth by small asteroids included icy planetesimals, asteroids delivering frozen water as one part of their content.

I liked this. I'm 60% H20 - space water! Wheels beginning to turn in the creativity department. I've long been taken with the fact that the atoms we are made from were not forged by our sun, but by some other long dead stars - star dust. A little way down the rabbit hole I find Theia. I once had a girlfriend with a very similar name. Theia is the mother of Selene, the Moon deity (not talking about the girlfriend here) and was the name chosen for the hypothetical planet that collided with the very young earth around 4.5 billion years ago causing the ejecta that formed the Moon. The specific planet responsible is hypothetical, but the event is very much real. Earth endured dozens of planet sized collisions during its formation. The creation of the Moon by this molybdenum loaded planet does appear to have coincided with the earliest traces of water on Earth.

And now I'm kicking around a bunch of stuff. Space dust, space water, the formative impact of a heavenly body on our development... I know, I know... and there are words and phrases to be mined from the reference material... and there's the influence that the Moon exerts on water. There is a song idea, an opening line, that has been drifting from notebook to notebook to notebook for decades, literally. Suddenly there is a wealth of connections and a perfect opening line. 'A Perfect Opening Line'? ... now there's another song awaiting.

Am I giving away ideas? I hope so. I'll guarantee that whatever anyone else comes up with it will be 99.9% different from mine. If inspiration has buzzed for you, go for it! I'd love to hear it sometime.

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